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Payal Serawat (Delhi)

Payal Serawat (Delhi),

What do I say about her..? Words cannot justify it..! First time ever, I wasn’t afraid of word diet..! When anyone says diet,I used to fear they will ask me to stop all the food that I love..! Instead..I’m in love with diets now that I get from her..! She never stopped me from eating things I loved..! Its only because of her that I enjoy the compliments that I have been receiving for a weight loss of 10 kgs..! And may be still counting..! Journey from 68.250 to 58 may had been impossible without her..! From teenage years to till date, I don’t remeber if in my lifetime ever I had 58 kgs weight..! THANKS A TON TULIKA!😊 I know this is going long..! But one thing I want to say about her..! U R THE BEST Dietitian !

Kasturi Bhattcharya (faridabad)

Kasturi Bhattcharya (faridabad),

A Fit and healthy body is a dream of every human being and for a person who loves eating controlling weight becomes next to impossible. Tulika deys weight control program gave me the motivation to look fit by eating balanced and right food. Not only that is was a total lifestyle change. I mananged to reduce 10 kg in 3 months and i am still able to maintain the weight I lost. Tulika Dey program has helped learn many things which i was doing wrong. So happy that I took the decision to go with her.

Poornima (Delhi)

Poornima (Delhi),

I enjoyed my session with my dietician a lot and really appreciate the knowledge she has and the help she gave me to look at things in a more healthy way. She also made me realise that meals don’t need to be complicated and difficult, it really can be fast and easy. Thanks alot for the guidance.


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