Kids Fitness

To develop strength, coordination, and trust and to lay the foundation for a healthy lifestyle, children need Yoga on a daily basis. 
Children of school age should have many opportunities to do various activities, sports, and games that suit their character, skill, age, and interests. Brainstorm with your children on tasks that feel right. As long as it’s enjoyable, most children won’t mind a regular dose of Yoga.
Kids can begin practicing Yoga at the age of 5. The bodies are versatile at this age, and the minds are ready and prepared to absorb learning and healthy habits that last a lifetime! 

Why should Kids do Yoga?

  1. Promotes positive eating habits and lifestyle discipline.
  2. Help increasing the height of kids
  3. It is a social activity that is not competitive.
  4. It teaches acceptance of self.
  5. It improves concentration and attention.
  6. Ignites childhood imagination and trust.
  7. It makes the immune system strong.
  8. Promotes healthy childhood mental wellbeing.
  9. Teaches strategies for soothing.