Clinical Diets

Clinical Diets

The diet planning provided by us is as per your health conditions, as well as healthy lifestyle-related behaviors, including diet, physical activity, and weight management.
Basically we promote a balanced selection of foods vital for good health. Food is not just the fuel to our body but it can be medicine or poison depending upon how and what we eat, depends on the situation. By using the same principle we generate the best care plan for you to overcome any health and medical problems as well.
The main benefits you’ll get after our diet therapy are

1. Correction of deficiencies or disease, if any

Certain deficiencies like vitamin D, Vitamin B12 is mostly common in us Indians and these deficiencies have negative impact on our health and overall growth. Also certain diseases like Asthma, Sinus, and thyroid are also very common and can be easily managed by good nutritional status.

2. Make changes in body weight, when necessary

A lot of us have a biggest misconception that weight loss is only possible by following certain fad diets, but the truth is eating a nutritious diet is really the best way to go about and maintaining a healthy weight and at the same time. Attaining the necessary nutrients for healthy body function is also as much important.

3. Good skin, hair and health

The situation of your skin and hair are best indicators of the quality of nutrition you are having. If you are consume adequate nutrients, your skin will be firm, supple and of a gorgeous hue rather than rough and pale. Your hair should be smooth and strong rather than dry and breakable. Unexplainable hair loss is often a sign of improper nutrition.

4. Proper sleep and energy levels

Getting the right amount of sleep will help you stay energized throughout the day. If you ever find yourself feeling sluggish, It could be a sign of malnutrition or improper nutrition which drives your body into “starvation mode” that hampers our restorative capabilities.

5. Supports mental well being

Consumption of the right foods can actually makes you gladder, nutrients such as iron and omega-3 fatty acids which is found in protein-rich foods has the ability of boosting  our mood. This contributes to the healthier mental well-being and protects you against several mental health issues.

6. Protection from Chronic diseases

Many chronic diseases such as type-2 diabetes and kidney, heart and liver diseases are caused by poor nutrition and obesity. With millions of Indians suffering from diabetes, the emphasis on good nutrition is higher than ever. Taking a preventive approach with an expert based nutrition plan and reduce the risk of developing such chronic diseases.

7. Strengthening of Immune system

Our immune system needs several essential vitamins and minerals in order it to function properly. Eating a healthy and wide-ranging diet ensures your immune system functions at top performance and guards against diseases, infections and immunity deficiency related problems.

8. Delaying the onset of ageing

Certain types of food such as tomatoes and berries can increase stamina and improve cognitive performance, all the while protecting your body against the effects of ageing.

It is easy to get a diet chart prepared but the main challenge that come around is when one starts following it. There comes our role. We promise that we will walk hand in hand with you in your Health Goal journey and will assist you in achieving and sustaining your health goal results with our evidence-based nutrition techniques.

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